Unbelievable: Tractor Gathers Speed of Over 100 km/h

Dutch road police registered excessive speed at the ring road in the Hague. Policemen say that it was farmer Marc Veis who drove his tractor at a speed of more than 100 km per hour, as number of the tractor was registered by the video camera fixed on the ring road. The farmer learnt about this “alleged” violation from a notice of penalty to the sum of 52 euro that he got by post.

The tractor driver himself is sure it is a mistake. In the words of Veis, his tractor is rather old, the maximal speed it can gather is about 8 kilometers per hour and only on a slope and when the wind is fair. At that, the man admits that the automatic system for detection of automobile numbers on the ring road registered the number of his tractor. What is especially surprising, the farmer says he never moved away from his home for such long distances. His house is in Belgium’s Vodek that is 240 from the Hague, where the road police registered excessive speed. “It is very funny. The only road I crossed in my tractor is that one leading to my field,” the farmer said in an interview to the newspaper La Derniиre Heure.

Meanwhile, Dutch police demands the Veis must pay not only the penalty for excessive speed, but also 100% default interest for non-payment. The farmer is going to retain a lawyer to defend his rights in court.


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