Birth Control Pills Make Women Love Macho Men

As psychologists said, birth control pills are very likely to show a certain influence on women. A pill like that might make a woman experience attraction to macho men, not to those guys, who have some of women’s traits.

During the research, scientists showed photographs of various kinds of men to women, asking them, who they would prefer as a partner for a long time. Those women, who took birth control pills, were more attracted to muscular men, while those women, who did not take any pills, were attracted to other types of men. The complete results of the research will be published later this year. Scientists came to conclusion that men with more masculine faces seem to be more attractive to women, because their lineaments testify to the fact that those men have the genes, which provide very fine immunity.

It was also discovered that when a woman chooses her longstanding partner, she unconsciously prefers men with less menacing lineaments. Theoretically, such lineaments say that a man will be a good father to his future children. Men with more coarse features, with protruding jaws or cheek-bones, for example, seem to be more attractive to women, who want to have a male partner for a short period of time.

Researchers also believe that the action of birth control pills on the ovulation process might make women choose wrong partners. For instance, if a woman chooses a partner during the period, when she takes birth control pills, and if she refuses from those pills, wishing to have a child, she might soon discover that she married an absolutely wrong man.

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