Hey Doctor, It’s a Wrong Leg!

Careless doctors in the Pakistani state of Gujarat performed an operation on a healthy leg of an aged man and fixed a metal pin into it instead of the injured one.

As Pakistan’s English-language newspaper Doon reported Saturday, the aged man was taken to a hospital with a fracture of his right leg. As it is traditionally done, a roentgenogram of the injury was taken. When doctors got consent for an operation from the patient’s family, doctor Iktidar Beg started the operation.

However, when the anaesthesia wore off, the patient was shocked to discover that the operation had been performed on his left, uninjured leg! The doctor himself blames his assistant for the mistake: he says it was he who mixed up the legs.

Dozens of relatives and friends of the unlucky patient organized demonstrations in front of the hospital; the people demanded that the careless doctors must be punished for the errors.

This unauthorized protest action proved to be very effective: director of the hospital made apologies to the patient and said that the mistake would be corrected and the pin will be finally fixed into the injured leg.


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