Indian Politicians Fighting Against Condoms

India is a unique country where one of the oldest sexual cultures is wonderfully combined with an astonishing official Puritanism. A group of politicians from India, the place where Kama Sutra came from, launched a campaign designed to ban advertising of contraceptives, as ads of this kind are insulting for pure thoughts of the Indian people.

21 representatives of different political movements of India sent a petition to the Indian Minister of Television and Broadcasting, Sushma Swaraj. The people demand that ads popularizing safe sex and condoms must be stopped on TV and on the radio. The petition says, “vulgar advertising of contraceptives, condoms in particular, on TV and on the radio is humiliating for the Indian community.”

The law makers admit that it’s actually very important to teach the youth how to protect themselves from AIDS, but they at the same time declare it mustn’t be done with the help of advertising condoms. Politicians say that usage of modern contraceptives as such breaks India’s centuries-old traditions. In their opinion, propagation of contraceptives causes damage to the national culture; it is said to be an attempt to alter the national culture in accordance with the Western standards.

The law makers are also horrified with the unambiguity of such ads. Politicians say, they are embarrassed when their families, young daughters particularly, watch this advertising on TV. They say, people feel awkward when little kids ask their parents what condoms and contraceptives are, and why people need to use them. Member of the opposition party of the Indian Congress, Bibhudendra Pratap Das is the leader of the campaign against condom advertising, says that prophylaxis of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases must be done in some other, more decent way.

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