4 more moral damage claims filed by relations of those who suffered in recent hostage siege in Moscow

Lawyers representing relations of those who suffered in the October hostage siege in a Moscow theater have filed four more claims for moral damage compensation. RIA Novosti learned that from Lyudmila Trunova, a defense lawyer. She submitted the claims to a Moscow court on Thursday.

The claims were lodged against the Moscow city government and total USD3,501,500, said Ms Trunova.

A total of 49 moral damage claims have been filed against the government as of today.

Earlier 45 related claims totaling $44,783,000 had been filed, recalled the lawyer.

Most of the plaintiffs are Moscow residents, and there are few from Istra and Podolsk, near Moscow, and from Perm, Urals, and Neftegorsk, Samara region, added Ms Trunova.

The lawyers cite Article 17 of the Law on Fighting Terrorism, which says responsibility for the aftermath of terror actions must be on a Russian Federation constituent on the territory of which the action took place.

The Moscow government is likely to set up counter claims against those to blame for the tragedy, i.e. the masterminds of the terrorist act and those who funded it, if they are found, suggested Ms Trunova.

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