Saints Must Also Pay Television Fee!

A German agency charging fee for television had to make its public apologies for sending demands to pay the television fee to a saint living in the 8th century.

Ekhard Oliger, spokesman of the company GEZ located in Cologne admits that it is a rather shameful mistake. He adds that mistakes of this kind unfortunately happen sometimes. The company charges television fees to the sum of 6.5 billion euro annually.

Pastor Karl Terhorst told that the agency sent letters addressed to “Frau Saint Walburg” with the demands to pay the television fee at the rate 16.15 euro per month. The letters were delivered to a Roman Catholic church in Ramsdorf, about 120 kilometers from Cologne. “At first, I ignored the letters. However, the last letter contained threats to appeal to court and to impose a penalty at the rate of 1.000 euro. I decided that a right moment for a response had come,” the pastor says.

Karl Terhorst told GEZ that Saint Walburg was born in England in 710, she was a mother superior and a missionary; the saint played a very important part in the church of the Franks’ state. Saint Walburg was at head of the convent and was canonized in 880.

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