Germans Can Pay 20 Euro and Hijack Planes

In Germany, a potential terrorist may pay 20 euro for the lease of a plane and hijack it. This conclusion was made by journalists by Berlin’s radio Inforadio Berlin-Brandenburg.

The journalists visited an aeroclub in the settlement of Babenhausen. This small aeroclub became actually very famous recently. A plane was hijacked from its aerodrome; the hijacker covered just 100 kilometers after that and whirled around the skyscrapers of Frankfurt-upon-Mein for more than two hours and nearly hit the tall building of the European Central Bank.

As it turned out, any man in Germany, even without showing his identity card, can use the services of many aeroclubs: he can pay just 20 euro for a brief air travel around the outskirts. German aeroclubs train private pilots, and this practice of leasing planes is a good opportunity to improve their financial standing.

On Sunday, a 31-year-old German man decided to use the opportunity to make an air travel. But the man pursued quite different objectives: he threatened the coach with a gun and took off alone.

The following events resembled the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. That is why two F-16 “Tornado” fighters and police helicopters were immediately sent up into the sky. On land, police also cordoned off the center of the city, evacuated people from skyscrapers and from the central railway station. The international airport in Frankfurt stopped all flights.

As it turned out later, the hijacker was mentally diseased. Soon, several charges will be brought against the man. It is not clear who will be the next to take off another plane from German aerodromes for 20 euro.

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