A Russian Invented Bicycle for Horses

A man from Russia’s Krasnodar region, Yeugeny Mikhailov invented a bicycle for horses to pedal. The man himself calls the invention a cycle horse. And his neighbors already invented a funny name for the invention as well; they call the unusual bicycle “a pedal horse.”

The new kind of transport is unique so far. NEWSRU.com informs that it took Yeugeny Mikhailov several years to create this bicycle.

The man says that the invention would have been ready long ago, but complaints that the idea attracts just few associates. What is more difficult, Mikhailov cannot test the invention, as recently his only horse (supposedly the animal for whom the new bicycle was invented) was stolen.

Neighbors of the man consider that the theft is a very humane doing; they never let the inventor to use their horses for tests out of pity for animals. The pedals of the new bicycle raise the neighbors’ doubts. They also can hardly imagine horses mounting the bicycle. These are the reasons why the inventor has to demonstrate how the “cycle horse” operates himself.

Yeugeny Mikhailov thinks that horses will like the invention; he says that even racers can be trained on such a bicycle.

The inventor plans to complete the work by the spring of 2003 and travel to his sister in the city of Vladivostok by the new “cycle horse.”


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