Metal Detector Sets Diagnosis

A Canadian woman couldn’t even guess that a 30 centimeter medical instrument remained in her stomach for almost four months. The instrument was left by surgeons who operated on the woman in a hospital in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

The woman constantly felt pains after the operation performed in June, but doctors couldn’t identify the source of the pain. It was just by chance that the woman was diagnosed by vigilant customs officers in the airport in October already, Russia’s news agency ITAR-TASS informs.

The woman had to go through the metal detector like all other passengers at the airport when she was going to Calgary. All the passengers passed the detector successfully but the woman couldn’t pass silently. Although she had no metal items with her, the detector was still ringing. In several days after the incident in the airport, the woman decided to undergo an X-ray analysis.

The picture obviously depicted a dilator, a steel medical instrument which is used during operations. The instrument was left after the operation performed on her in June. Attorney of the Canadian woman told her: “The dilator is 5 centimeters wide and 33 centimeters long.” The woman decided to hire an attorney to obtain a compensation for the moral and physical damage caused by the doctors. In a day after the detection of the instrument, another operation was performed to extract the dilator.

Local authorities don’t comment upon the incident and refer to the importance of keeping the matter confidential. Instead, they declared that in accordance with the regulations of the hospitals, doctors and medical staff must control the number of instruments used during operations. In this case, the system failed, such was the statement of an official from the local health care department.

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