A New Way to Cheat During Exams!

The administration of the prestigious Hitosubashi University in Tokyo punished 26 students for using mobile phones at examinations. As it turned out, the students used email to obtain answers to the test questions. The lecturers grew extremely suspicious when they discovered similar answers with the same mistakes in dozens of test papers. All of the students suspected of cribbing had to undergo a repeat test, and those 26 students with unsatisfactory results were punished.

The incident occurred during an e-commerce exam; about 500 students had to take the examination. The dean of the Tokyo University says that one of the students successfully passed the exam and left the auditorium. Already behind the door, the student started sending emails with the correct answers to the test’s questions to the students who poorly studied for the exam. However, the university’s administration didn’t punish the students; they were just asked to take the exam over.

By the way, the use of mobile phones to cheat was invented not by Japanese students, as Russian students also use this method to cheat. Often, professors allow students to have mobile phones on their desks because of the calculators installed in the phones. However, students now have the tradition of sending SMS messages with questions and answers. The SMS messages are sent to students outside with the textbook in hand, and the answers are sent back to the students taking the exam. The only problem with this new way of cheating is that the SMS format is limited to 160 characters in Russia.


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