Work Desk Reveals Your Inner Life

An interesting research was recently held: it revealed that order on the work desk can tell a lot about the character of a person working at this table. As it turned out, workplaces of losers and people who cannot get on with the rest of the staff are usually in perfect order.

Sociologists who carried out the research say that just a glance at the items on your colleague’s desk will allow you to understand what he is thinking about and what is his inner essence.

Psychologist Ben Williams divided office workers into the following groups regarding those things which can be found on their desks.

“Just ask me and I will give you money!” Things on the desks of such people are always in a mess; all things are scattered and mixed. And you will be extremely surprised when you look closer and see what kind of stuff you can find on this desk: from encyclopaedias to gas bills and empty Coca Cola cans. Such people readily lend money, if they certainly have some.

“Clean. Even cleaner” Desks of such workers are in a perfect order always. Everything is sorted wonderfully: business correspondence, reports, accounts, production models. There are no personal things on the desks of such people. Such pedants, as a rule, cannot get on with the whole of the staff; they have no close friends, at the workplace at least.

“The life and soul of the staff” Desks of such workers are cozy and spread homelike atmosphere. There are family pictures and souvenirs on the desks of such people. Such colleagues wonderfully suit the motto: “I make a cup of coffee for you and you may cry on my shoulder.” These people are endowed with a unique trait: they listen to the problems of other people and support them in hard times.

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