Should Pornography be Mandatory?

Someone gets groovy with it, someone hates it, but no one is indifferent to it (except for blind people, maybe). So, to what extent is it good and to what extent is it bad?

It’d very educational for young people. A good porno flick is definitely not like a text book on history, but anyway. A porno flick gives a picture of what a man/woman should look like when he/she has orgasm. Pornography makes one feel less alone. Loneliness is a heavy cross to bear, especially erotic loneliness. When there is no one to love, when there is a lack of money, and nature keeps calling, a pornographic magazine or a video is a great way to relieve built-up pressure. Then, it will be a lot easier to wait either for the next paycheck or for big love.

Pornography brings more diversity to life. Mum and dad don’t teach that, and friends make everything vile and disgusting. Grandmother faints when she hears the word “sex.” Opening a magazine, a book, or playing a video instructs one on the variety of positions and variants, which nourishes one’s fantasy for a very long period of time. Furthermore, everybody knows that it is easier to masturbate once and then have a happy and bright day, instead waiting and being angry and frustrated.

Pornography corrupts people. Sexual education is not a big issue for grownups, yet, for children, it is a major interest. It is like a drug, or any kind of pleasure. Watching all kinds of pornographic productions all the year round will eventually kill the interest in hot-blooded representatives of the opposite sex. Moreover, porn movies or magazines will never give birth to any child, no matter how hard you might try.

Pornography provokes perversion. If you always had a desire to whip your partner in bed, you will want it really badly, if you se it in a movie. Pornography also decreases the threshold of sensitivity. The things that used to make you vomit or shiver might become common, usual things of everyday life for you.

Watching a pornographic movie makes 90% of viewers horney, regardless of sex. An average resident of a large Russian city spends three times as much money on pornographic entertainment as the residents of Berlin or London. Pornography sales increase a lot during the winter.

What can pornstars teach?

First of all, they do not make love in bed. Did you ever see a sex scene in bed in a XXX flick? There are so many other places to do the deed, so use your imagination. A corridor, a stairway, a kitchen, a balcony, a garden, the list goes on and on. To crown it all, if you use your bed only for sleeping, your mattress will last longer.

Erotic bed linen. This does not include sheets with pictures of erected penises or smiling vaginas. Erotic bed linen is supposed to excite not with its images, but with the feeling that you get when you touch it. Have you ever seen pornstars having orgasms on white spotted sheets? Satin sheets are very important, because it is easy to move on them, they are very pleasant to skin, and it is easy to wash away love spots.

Intimate hairstyles. Needless to mention that beauty is a powerful weapon. Intimate beauty doubles this power. This is not only for women, who pay much more attention to that bikini part of their body, than they do to their face, legs, and arms altogether. It would be very good for a man to cut off everything longer than five centimeters (we do not mean his penis here). A man should not feel shy or stupid about it. First of all, a penis with no hair looks bigger. Secondly, it will give more chances for oral pleasure, because women are usually afraid of thick and suspicious-looking hairy bushes. Who knows, what creatures might live there?

Narcissism. Pornstars have the wonderful possibility to watch themselves on a TV screen while making love. A mirror can bring a lot of exciting feelings to love life indeed, as well as sex toys.

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