Generals Should Always Shave

An interesting incident happened to Russian transport police officers during one of their regular spot-checks. In Murmansk-Moscow train, offices paid attention to a passenger dressed in Air Force lieutenant-general uniform. The “general’s” unshaven face did not match his uniform at all. When he was asked to show his ID, the “general” went mad. He said that he was a representative of the General Headquarters, and then he claimed that he would not subordinate to police officers.

A bit later it became known the “general” was actually an unemployed individual from Moldavia. Moreover, he was staying on the Russian territory illegally. Police officers were also surprised about what the “general’s” suitcase contained. They found there fake documents, which said that the man took part in the Afghanistan war, in military actions in Tajikistan, and even in Chechnya. There were also some medals, and blank official documents found.

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