Save Ecology – Ride A Bamboo Bicycle

An Indian scientist from the Polytechnic Institute in the city of Kanpur designed an unusual bicycle of bamboo; he rides the bicycle when he is getting to his workplace, which is at the same time an active propaganda of a pollution-free transport.

Professor Mishra said in an interview to The Times of India that he planned to make bicycles more available even for villagers; indeed, bamboo bicycles can be made in any village.

Practically all details of this bicycle are made of bamboo, with the exception of tires and bearings only. Instead of the traditional bicycle signal, a klaxon playing a flute tune is fixed at the handle bar. The bicycle weighs about eight kilograms.

And the inventor keeps on improving his bicycle: he is working on reduction of the weight and is trying to increase the durability and the life time of the bamboo bicycle. At the same time, Professor Mishra together with his colleagues from the Institute, are going to set up a national association for promotion of bicycle transport and protection of the interests of cyclists, which include construction of special bicycle lanes and registration of insurance done at purchase of bicycles.

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