Crocodile Attacks Sleeping Fisherman

A crocodile bit the hand of a fisherman who fell asleep when fishing. The incident happened in the village of Tikhiye Prudy (Quiet Ponds) in the Ulyanovsk region. According to the information from Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the fisherman cried out with horror and pain. His screams frightened the predatory reptile, and it plunged into the water, having let go of the fisherman’s hand.

Doctors listened to the fisherman’s story with great attention. They washed the wound and decided to send the man to a mental asylum. However, they didn’t send him packing on account of another similar incident. Soon, the they learned that a crocodile attacked a group of fishermen. A police unit arrived to the site of the incident and caught a two-meter long crocodile.

Later, it became known that the tropical monster found itself in a Russian lake on account of a local resident. The crocodile was a family pet. It grew and became too large for their house, so they decided to let it go in the lake. The people thought that the animal would die in cold water. However, summer and fall happened to be rather warm seasons.

The incident with the crocodile was not the first one to happen. A couple of years ago, rescuers arrived to an apartment building in Ulyanovsk to catch venomous snakes that slithered around the floors of a block of flats. The manager of the ecological committee of Ulyanovsk said that the people should not be scared by such stories. The official suggested the people should catch the exotic animals and bring them to the city's terrarium.

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