Fat people get free whiskey in Thailand

A rather unusual club for fat men was opened in Bangkok. A special action is held in the club once a week: if total weight of three friends is over 360 kg, they are presented with a bottle of whiskey.

Walls of the unusual karaoke bar are decorated with funny fat people from comic books, the counter is set firmly so that big people could lean against it. The chairs are made of metal for fat clubbers who weigh so much.

One of the club owners, Ken Chang says: “At the beginning, we had ordinary wooden chairs. However, after fat visitors we had to spend much money on repairing, that is why it was decided to make metal chairs instead.” By the way, the man is big enough himself, his weight is 92 kg which is a considerable figure according to the local standards.

Chang and his partners opened the club especially for fat people to feel free. The interior is designed perfectly especially for this purpose: there is enough space for fat people to get a broad access to the counter, the floor is made of concrete, not parquet, to avoid creaking under heavy steps.

At the same time, lean people are also welcomed in the club. The owners say, the slenderest client weighed 50 kg and the heaviest 160 kg.

Although the club was opened in June, it has already got a circle of regular clients. Up to 20 bottles of whiskey are usually presented to clients within one night where the special action is held.


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