Human Being Originated from Anteater?

A group of English scientists set forth an astounding theory >

English scientists ventured to challenge their world famous country-fellow  Charles Darwin. Cambridge University scientists cast doubts on the hypothesis, which says that a human being originated from an ape-like ancestor. Our common ancestor is rather strange-looking, and it does not look like a human being at all. It is an anteater.

Most likely, this scientific discovery will make the humanity pay a lot more attention to the mammals of the edentate species. To be more precise, it goes about African aardvark anteaters. These animals have a special scientific name, which is very hard to pronounce. It is translated from the Dutch language as a “ground pig.”

This animal has a nighttime mode of living. It has a long tubular snout and long ears. It eats ants and termites. This ground pig looks like a big armadillo. A group of researchers from the Cambridge University compared the chromosomes of a human being, an ant-eater, and African and Asian elephants. It turned out that all those animals have several common chromosomes. However, human beings and ground pigs turned out to be closer to each other on the base of this factor. The report, which was prepared by the researchers, mentioned that an African anteater differs the least from a human being from the point of view of the chromosome index. This was discovered among all known placenta mammals. Compared to other mammals, this animal is closer to a human being in the chain of ancestors.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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