Aliens were definitely involved in September 11 attacks

Some residents of the American counter-cultural center Berkley, California, believe that the White House was concealing the truth about the attacks of September 11. People think that the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed not by terrorists, but by aliens.

After Flight 93 plane fell in Pennsylvania, local residents heard the sound of some flying object. What was that? Any flights were prohibited. And where are the bodies of those people that died in the WTC? They were taken away for tests and experiments. Aliens were definitely involved in the events of September 11. This is the common opinion amid some of Berkley residents.

Berkley is celebrated for its protests against the war in Vietnam and hippie meetings in the 1960s. Local book stores have special sections devoted to various conspiracy theories. Each resident of the town has his or her own point of view on what exactly happened on that tragic day.

There are a lot of rumors and myths going around the date of September 11. This is a usual thing for all other non-ordinary events. Myths and rumors were basically stirred up by the questions, to which had no answers. A lot of conspiracy theory fans paid their attention to the plane that fell in Pennsylvania. They cannot understand, how could the fragments of the plane be scattered around the area of eight miles? FBI affirms that it was caused by the strong wind. Yet, the sceptic people stick to the opinion, according to which the plane was downed by a pursuit plane. The great number of such theories does not testify to the mass psychosis of American people. It only proves that the people do not believe their own government.

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