Pornography is a way to unemployment

> British employers spend a lot of time punishing their employees for surfing pornographic sites and sending dirty messages. Incidents of disciplinary punishment for going to hardcore sites or sending pornographic emails were more frequent than punishment for lies, violence, or violation of safety rules combined.

Almost two-thirds of disciplinary dismissals over one year were connected with surfing pornographic materials on the Internet. Special research discovered only one incident when a person was fired for sending a racist email.

Sociologists have proven that an employee of a British company will most likely be fired for exchanging pornographic emails, rather than for sending a message that would cause damage to a company.

The most common types of cyber-crimes include the excessive use of the net or email at work, sending pornographic emails, or surfing porno sites. Almost 40% of those who were caught sending porno emails, were fired. However, their bosses were more tolerant to those who were fond of surfing porno webpages: only 17% of them were fired.

The concern over the use of the Internet at work in Britain is leading to the growth of reciprocal suspicion. Near 20% of all companies are constantly watching the way their personnel use the Internet and email. Ten percent of those companies do not notify their employees of such shadowing, despite legal requirements.

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