Cell phones, mini-skirts, and shorts outlawed in the Lithuanian Seym

The Lithuanian parliament, or Seym, adopted a new regulation for members of the parliament on Thursday, according to which people dressed in shorts or mini-skirts are not allowed to enter the building of the parliament. In addition, it is prohibited to use mobile phones in the room where plenary sessions are held. The new regulations are obligatory, not only for parliamentarians but also for visitors; they also include a dress code. People can wear only clothes of an austere style that suits for an official business atmosphere. “Seym is not a beach; no mini-skirts or shorts are allowed here,” one of the authors of the new regulation says.

People who come to the parliament for business or for a meeting will have to disconnect their mobile phones. Everything people do in the parliament building can’t disgrace the prestige of the Seym or disturb the silence in the session rooms.

Some time ago, a Lithuanian journalist wanted to find out if the security of the Seym was effective and attempted to enter the building with a pistol.


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