Love dectector to change relations between lovers!

A Romanian electronics engineer invented a so-called love detector, which is designed to change relations between women and men drastically. The inventor says that the new device will help people make sure that their partners are sincere in their feelings, instead of the traditional cut-and-try method.

The new device is made in the form of a bracelet. The inventor says that the detector can tell a lot about the person who wears the bracelet. The bracelet can test internal emotions and the state of people, which can be skillfully concealed from others. With tiny sensors installed, the bracelet can measure the pulse rate and other parameters and display the information on the screen of a receiver.

The information is available at any moment; a special methodology was compiled to determine to what extent your partner is sincere and honest with you. RIA Novosti informs that the inventor is perfectly sure that data obtained with men at the moment of making declarations of love are infallible. As for women, the situation is more complicated, as woman’s psychology is more delicate and highly sensitive compared to men; women’s moods can change very quickly. That is why the inventor can guarantee only 50% accuracy for data obtained on women.

According to recently obtained information, the Romanian inventor has received orders for his bracelets from a dating agency and local businessmen.

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