Cat dies of heat in its carrier on board Moscow-Antalya flight

Cat dies in its carrier in stuffy aircraft en route to Antalya

Utair airline is conducting an investigation into the death of a cat, which, according to its owners, occurred due to heat on board Moscow-Antalya flight. The airline expressed its "sincerely regret” over the situation, the carrier's press service said.

The incident occurred on June 1 in hot summer weather. It was stuffy inside the aircraft, the air conditioning was not working properly and the family with a cat named Marusya placed the animal in its carrier near the aisle. Flight attendants asked the owners to put the pet carrier under the seat.

"The cat began to panic, as I assume there was not enough air there. We were not allowed to take the feline out of the carrier due to complaints from other passengers. Marusya died in agony in the cabin of the plane from a violation of temperature regime. When the cat cried for help, no one helped us. The flight attendants did not respond to numerous requests; they didn't care,” the cat owner said.

"The cat escaped from the carrier and started moving around the cabin. There were people with allergies to animals on board the plane. According to air traffic regulations, pets are supposed to be transported in their  carriers that should be placed under the seat in front of the owner. The temperature in the cabin was comfortable — 24°C, the air conditioning was working normally, the air in the cabin was renewed every three to five minutes," Utair representatives said.

The Transport Prosecutor's Office filed an investigation into the incident.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov