Which plants love eggshells and why

Eggshells are an excellent fertilizer for plants, as they contain a lot of calcium, which is good for their health and development. In addition, eggshells have antimicrobial properties that help protect plants from diseases and pests.

Among the plants that respond particularly favorably to the use of eggshells are the following:

1. Tomatoes. Eggshells help strengthen the plant's cell walls and prevent the development of diseases such as phytophthora canker. In addition, calcium contributes to the formation of a strong skin on the fruit, which makes them more resistant to various damages.

2. Roses. The calcium found in eggshells helps to improve the flowering and health of roses. It is necessary for the formation of strong shoots and protects plants from diseases such as black spot.

3- Cucumbers. Eggshells help prevent root rot and provide plants with calcium, which favorably affects their development and yield.

4. Lemons. Calcium promotes more uniform fruit development and prevents various diseases of lemon trees. It also contributes to the improvement of the taste of the fruit.

To use eggshells as fertilizer, it should be ground to a fine powder and added to the soil before planting plants or scattered around their roots. You can also prepare a decoction from eggshells and water plants with it several times a month.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin