Russians express their appreciation for Tucker Carlson's bold move

Russians shower Tucker Carlson with love and support on social media

Russians showered American journalist and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson with love and support on social media.

People left countless posts written in Russian to messages about his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"You are a real hero”, "He's handsome”, "Go, Tucker, go!”, "Our elephant”, "You are always welcome, Tucker”, "In Russia they love Carlson, unlike in the West", people wrote.

Many users from other countries also agreed with Russian posters. Many of them thanked the journalist for the interview and said that they could not wait to watch it.

Some suggested that Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin would be interview of the year in 2024. Someone wrote that the interview will be bigger than a new season of The Game of Thrones.

Tucker Carlson's unexpected appearance in the Russian capital generated many memes as well. Their authors joked about things that brought Carlson to Moscow, what career prospects he could find in Russia, and how Washington would react to his visit:

  • "Happy National Tucker Carlson Day!"
  • "Tucker just came to have a normal burger at Vkusno i Tochka" (former McDonald's restaurants — ed.).

Others joked that Carlson came to Russia to register with Gosuslugi (government services online platform — ed.), and then use the service to vote for Donald Trump in the US election.

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Tucker Carlson in Moscow
Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov