Noisy swinger party at Moscow sauna attracts police officers' attention

Dozens arrested in Moscow during too noisy swinger party

In Moscow, 31 people were detained for participating in a mass orgy in the sauna of Favory shopping centre. They were also suspected of same-sex sex.

According to SHOT Telegram channel, the orgy took place in a sauna located on the third floor of the shopping centre on Volgogradsky Prospekt. Eyewitnesses called the police because of the noise. When the police arrived, they saw many naked women and men, multiple bottles of alcohol, condoms and lubes everywhere.

The officers found 17 boxes of alcohol in the sauna. Four women and six men aged from 21 to 48 years of age were especially aggressive during the raid. Protocols were drawn up against them under "Petty hooliganism” article. One of the men was sent to a special detention centre for 15 days for aggressive behaviour in the presence of the police.

The sauna at Favory shopping centre, where the people were detained, is known locally as a place where Moscow swingers gather. A single man has to pay ₽6,000 ($65) for a ticket to join the party. The ticket price is cheaper twice for a man who brings a lady. One such party usually takes place with the participation of 25-40 people.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov