Ukrainian special services poison Russian journalist Krasovsky

Russian journalist Krasovsky poisoned

Anton Krasovsky, a Russian journalist and former director of Russia Today (RT), who had previously complained of death threats, was poisoned.

Krasovsky said that he was gradually recovering after being admitted to hospital last week.

According to The Kyiv Post, Krasovsky did not explain why he felt unwell, but a source at Ukrainian intelligence services said that he was poisoned.

The source at Ukrainian intelligence also said that the journalist's condition was deteriorating, and that it was not him who wrote his last post on social media. No further evidence was provided.

On December 24, Krasovsky wrote on his Telegram channel that he was admitted to hospital last week after his health worsened.

"At the beginning of the week, I had strong pain in my stomach, I felt sick, and then I lost consciousness. They took me to the clinic. I'm coming to my senses. Thanks everyone for your sympathies," Anton Krasovsky wrote.

In September, Krasovsky reported that he found a package near the door of his apartment with two boxes and a threatening message addressed to him. He attached a photo of a letter mentioning the terrorist attack against journalist Daria Dugina. Krasovsky said that he sent the boxes from the package to the FSB for examination.

In February, the Security Bureau of Ukraine said that Krasovsky received the maximum term of imprisonment under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — on public calls for genocide and for the toppling of the constitutional order. The department said that SBU agents were aware of Krasovsky's whereabouts.

In October 2022, Krasovsky spoke about Ukrainian children on RT. "They should have been drowned, those children. (…) Once they say that Muscovites occupied [Ukraine], you immediately throw them into a wild river,” he then said. Later, RT editor-in-chief Simonyan announced that the channel suspended cooperation with the journalist. Krasovsky apologised for his words.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov