Two wounded soldiers from Russia and Ukraine tried to save each other for 10 days

Two wounded soldiers from Russia and Ukraine try to save each other for 10 days

Seriously wounded soldiers from Russia and Ukraine were helping each other for ten days in the gray zone. However, only one of them survived and was evacuated.

Comrades-in-arms of the Russian military man named only as Alexey (call sign Babka) lost the sight of him in battle and later assumed that he was killed.

The man survived. He suffered severe shrapnel wounds to his back, doctors of regiment No. 1486 said. The Russian soldier ate snow instead of food and water. The only way for him to survive was to crawl. When crawling through the bodies, he found a wounded Ukrainian solder, who was still alive.

The two soldiers decided to help each other as much as they could. They were staying together, but the Ukrainian solder died in five days.

The Russian soldier continued crawling to the nearest position of the Russian Armed Forces. He was lucky to find a dugout, where soldiers of regiment No. 1442 saw and rescued him.

The Russian soldier's life is out of danger now. Doctors are trying to save his frostbitten feet. Alexey's comrades-in-arms say that Babka's story is a true example of humanity, fortitude and will.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov