Croatian journalist Robert Valdec has suffered a Russophobic attack for the third time

Croatian journalist Robert Valdec suffers third Russophobic attack


Well-known Croatian journalist Robert Valdec was attacked for the third time in the last few years. Pravda.Ru correspondent Daria Aslamova reports about the assault on her husband.

The first attack took place in September 2022. After Daria flew to Moscow, unidentified individuals knocked on the doors of Robert's apartment. The journalist had four of his ribs broken as a result of the assault then.

Croatian media ignored the attack on the journalist who had been recognised as best journalist in his homeland three times. At the same time, local media outlets were aware of the threats that he had received six months before.

"He was accused of being a Russian spy. They claimed that his wife was a Russian spy too. This is typical Russophobic garbage. We have been together for 22 years, and all of Croatia knows our love story,” Aslamova said.

Afterwards, Robert managed to get a three-month visa and left for Moscow. In Moscow, Valdec was writing true stories about his life in Russia. When his visa expired, the journalist had to return to Croatia. The atmosphere in his home country was far from being calm for the man.

The second attack took place on April 23rd. Yet again, there was no reaction either from the Croatian media or official authorities.

"It was a mean attack from behind, from around the corner. The authorities showed total indifference yet again," Aslamova said.

A CT scan showed internal bleeding. Doctors literally had to reconstruct Valdec's ear. They put several stitches on the man's head too.

The third attack happened today, May 29th. Robert Valdec was punched in the head and knocked senseless. The attackers inflicted stab and cut wounds to the man's groin.

"Croatian police! You are not doing anything! Croatian intelligence services, you are pretending that nothing is happening,” the journalist exclaimed addressing the authorities.

Daria Aslamova is currently on an assignment to the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). The most recent attack on her husband could be connected with her reports from the zone of the special military operation. Pravda.Ru will contact the Russian Foreign Ministry with an inquiry regarding the attacks on journalist Robert Valdec in Croatia.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva
Editor Dmitry Sudakov