Absolutely not: What water can and cannot be used for watering plants in the garden plot

The Chairman of the All-Russian organization "Gardeners of Russia," Andrey Tumanov, shared some tips on how to water plants correctly on a country plot.

According to the expert, it is necessary to use warm water saturated with oxygen for watering, so it is not recommended to use water directly pumped from a well.

"The best water is the one that has been warmed up by the sun. Gardeners fill barrels with water and let them stand in the sun. The next day, it is ready for watering," he said.

Plants should be watered in the early morning or late evening when the sun is not shining brightly. At this time, water evaporation is minimal, and it is better absorbed by the soil. Moreover, droplets will not turn into burning lenses under the sunlight.

Tumanov also advised loosening the soil before watering to prevent the formation of a crust and to allow air to penetrate the soil.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva