To make raspberry sweet: what needs to be done to get a super harvest

Gardener and owner of a personal subsidiary farm Dmitry Kastritsky explained what needs to be done with remontant raspberries in July to harvest a superabundant crop of berries in the fall.

According to the expert, the first important step is to do a regulation of shoots: remove weak and overcrowded ones. There should be around 12-15 strong shoots left on the bush. It is also worth removing the lower leaves to a height of 20-25 centimeters.

"The next step is to fertilize the berries. In the second half of the summer, it is necessary to focus on potassium-phosphate fertilizers, so that the berries are sweet, and the plant is resistant to diseases. Wood ash is excellent for this purpose. If the soil is alkaline, then ash is not suitable, in this case, it is better to fertilize raspberries with potassium magnesium," he said on the Procvetok YouTube channel.

After this, it is necessary to get rid of plant spotting using special solutions and mulch the bushes with straw, mowed grass or hay.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva