Not many people know about the secret capabilities of a car's windshield

Not everyone knows that modern car windshields have a range of capabilities in addition to the heating wires that are on them.

For example, about 70% of recent cars are equipped with athermic glass, which can allow the optimal amount of light and heat into the cabin for the comfort of the driver and passengers. Comparing them to Russian "Zhigulis", you can see a significant difference. There is also a special silver ion coating on the glass that helps maintain the temperature inside the car in any natural conditions and prevents fogging and even "freezing" of the windshield.

But that's not all the capabilities of the triple-layer glass. For example, built-in antennas, lidars, and sensors in the windshield make cars increasingly advanced. If your car is not yet trained to read road signs, brake automatically, and see obstacles on the road, then advanced radars may still be a dream for you.

However, the antenna, which is often represented by thin metallized wires, can be found in almost every windshield. Sometimes it looks like a separate miniature structure that is embedded in the glass using printing technologies. This means that the audio system signal can be received directly from the car window, although many people do not think about it because this technology is invisible to the eye.

Some car manufacturers add additional elements to the car body, such as antennas. One such element is "fins," which are most often located on the rear part of the car roof.

However, a more important element necessary for driver and passenger safety in case of an accident is the windshield. To prevent shards from flying around in a crash, the glass is made with a special film that is rolled into multiple layers of triplex. Thus, the glass does not shatter into small pieces, but only becomes damaged in the most affected areas.

In addition, you can notice a black ornamental pattern called frits along the edges of the windshield. They prevent direct sunlight and reduce the reflection effect that can be caused by the play of light on the joints of the body with the windshield. Frits protect the driver from being blinded.

Furthermore, the windshield has other functions that may surprise the car owner. It can transmit information from the projection display, change colors in case of a front collision danger, and even darken during sudden flashes of light.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov