Silvio Berlusconi tells joke about self, Putin, Biden and Pope in a crashing airplane

Silvio Berlusconi tells joke about self, Putin, Biden and Pope

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told a joke about himself, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden and the Pope.

Berlusconi posted the video on September 2 on TikTok.

As the joke goes, the politicians, the pontiff, and a young assistant to the pope are flying in an airplane over the Atlantic. Suddenly it turns out that the plane is going to crash in five minutes, while there are only four parachutes and five passengers on board.

US leader Joe Biden takes the first parachute, saying he is the most powerful man in the West.

"This one is for me because I am the most powerful person in the East,” Putin then says taking the second parachute.

Berlusconi takes the third parachute, claiming that he is the smartest politician in the world.

The young assistant to the Pope hands over the last parachute to the pontiff, but he objects and says that he is old and has lived a long happy life. However, the assistant notices that there are two parachutes left, because Berlusconi grabbed a backpack instead of the parachute.

The video has collected 3 million views in just a few hours. Berlusconi thanked his subscribers, noting that their number reached 200,000 in one day.

The 85-year-old former Italian prime minister launched his TikTok profile on September 1. Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the Forza Italy Party stressed that he wanted to communicate with young people in order to discuss their topical problems.

On August 10, the politician announced his intention to run for the upper house of the parliament (senate) in September elections.

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