Russian MMA fighter attacks and kills doctor as they fight over the need for COVID-19 vaccination

In USA, Russian MMA fighter kills doctor in vaccination dispute

In the United States, the police arrested Russian mixed martial arts fighter Akmal Khozhiev, who was suspected of killing a doctor, The Pacific News Center reports.

The investigation found that the incident sparked due to disagreements between the athlete and the doctor over the need for vaccination against coronavirus. The heated disputed eventually forced Khozhiev to commit violent acts against the doctor.

Akmal Khozhiev and Dr. Miran Ribati had a friendly relationship as they attended the same gym. The murder itself took place in Khozhiev's house, his mother and sister became witnesses of the attack.

Khozhiev reportedly attacked the doctor from behind and started strangling him. The fighter knocked Ribati down on the floor and immobilized him. The witnesses called the police and tried to stop Khozhiev. The athlete then got up on his feet and went to the kitchen, where he grabbed an animal bone which was left after lunch. He then returned to the doctor and hit the medic with this bone in the neck several times.

According to the witnesses, at some point Ribati was able to get up and tried to escape, but Khozhiev overtook and stabbed him.

The police arrived at the scene and found the athlete next to Ribati's body. The fighter immediately confessed to the crime that he committed.

Khozhiev, a 27-year-old athlete in mixed martial arts has had four fights, in which he won three victories.

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