Tiger forces mushroom pickers climb a tree in Russia

Mushroom pickers climb a tree to escape from wild Amur tiger in Russia

A curious video has appeared on the Internet at the end of September. The video was made by local residents of Russia's Primorye region (the Far East). The video was made from a tree top, but one can audibly hear a tiger growling underneath the tree. As the video ends, one can see the tiger retreating into the woods. 

The encounter with the tiger took place near the village of Sokolovka in the Lazovsky district of Primorye. As it became known, several people were picking mushrooms in the woods, when they heard the predator growling, and then saw the tiger himself nearby in the bushes. They decided to climb a tree for safety. The predator was not being aggressive, nor did it pursue anyone. It studied the tree, sniffed it around and then retreated into the forest. Mushroom pickers managed to film the animal.

The local hunting watchdog conducted an investigation into the incident. Specialists concluded that both the humans and the predator were acting adequately in the situation. Judging by the behavior of the tiger, the animal was not aggressive at all. 

Amur tigers are not generally aggressive at this time of the year: they do not suffer from the lack of food, they feel happy and get ready for the winter period.
Cases of wild animal attacks on humans have not been reported in the region for years. However, it is recommended people should be more careful when hiking in the forest and have firecrackers at hand so that they could scare away any predators.

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