The Excitement of Quickie Sex

The short word “quickie” is rather popular in the West. A quickie means fast love, or fast sex, to be more precise. This revolutionary phenomenon has simplified the game of seduction. As a result, this game has become rather short and quick.

Quick love was born in the 20th century – the century of business. This was the century when a lot of successful businessmen simply had no time to follow the universal rituals of courtship. They were too preoccupied with their careers, so walking in the moonlight, bouquets of flowers, and boxes of chocolates were absolutely out of the question.

The quickie makes everything so simple. A quickie can take place in a a pool, a hidden office, an elevator (with a stop button in it, to be more precise), or even a telephone booth. The quickie is a hot and exciting venture, since there is always the risk that the couple might be discovered.

Fast and exciting sex is becoming more and more popular in the West. There is already a class of energetic business ladies who need the quickie as a means of psychological and physical relaxation, something like a smoking break, a dose of adrenaline that comes and goes very quickly. Five minutes, and back to business.

Bored housewives also take an active part in this fashionable movement. They are basically not satisfied with their workaholic and stressed-out husbands. Those ladies of creative professions or those, who are drawn to follow fashion tendencies are also big quickie fans.

The word “quickie” has become a password for those who want to experience all the pleasures of fast love. He and she catch each other’s eyes and exchange lustful smiles. He whispers the hot word “quickie,” and if she says yes, he takes her by the hand and they go to look for a good place. Then, they choose a good position, have very fast and vigorous sex, and incredible orgasms. When the quickie is over, they set their clothes right and keep going along the path that is called “the modern life of a business man (woman).”

The quickie is peculiar for its swiftness, pressure, emotional outburst, a kiss, and an easy goodbye. No tears, no crying, no jealousy. Sociologist James Sullyvan wrote that any person in American society can do three things: to make money (businessmen, bankers), to make news (journalists, people of art) and to make love (all people). The quickie gave a wonderful opportunity to the first two categories to experience feelings of love. People can do it at work, making just a very short breaks in the money and news-making process.

When the boss quickly bangs a sexy girl in his office, this is a quickie. When a respectable and successful lady copulates with a young lawyer in her limo, this is also a quickie.

Erotic movies and magazines give a very good incentive for fast sex. When Silvia Kristel from the movie Emmanuelle copulates with frisky men onboard a Boeing jetliner, it is quickie. In the movie called Zandalee, Nicolas Cage bangs his friend’s wife in the kitchen of her own house while his friend and other guests talk in the dining room. This is also a very good quickie. However, the movie proves that fast love, which then grows to become real love, can cause a lot of problems and troubles.

The majority of Americans are afraid of problems, and they do their best to avoid them. That is why fast sex with no feelings gains more and more fans in American society and all over the world. The quickie has become very popular among swingers. These people exchange their wives or girlfriends, and they love group sex with lots of partners, as well as sensual rituals and sexy games. The quickie for a swinger is the best kind of leisure. This brings more exciting feelings, more acquaintances, and more individuals on the list of sexual adventures.

Well, this phenomenon of quick sex has been a constant presence in Russia and even in the Soviet Union. Soviet men and women had quickie sessions in smoking rooms, in public toilets, in parks, and on summer beaches. So many serious communist women were quickly banged right in their offices, in their leather armchairs, under Lenin’s portrait. Russian people have always had this, they just did not know that it is called the quickie.

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