Parachute jump goes wrong: Man tangled in suspension lines hangs on helicopter tail

Parachute jumper hangs on helicopter tail during exercises

A parachute jumper got tangled in suspension lines and hung down from the helicopter tail when parajumping in the area of the military airfield near the city of Chita, Russia.

Eyewitnesses saw the helicopter landing as the parajumper was hanging down on its tail. The video of the incident was distributed by news agency.

According to the agency, on the morning of March 16, parachuters were heli jumping in the area of the military airfield. The jump went wrong for one of the jumpers and he hang down on suspension lines from the tail of the military helicopter.

When the pilot saw what happened, he decreased the speed, made a circle over the city and started landing.

"We saw the man hanging down from the helicopter in the sky. It was a scary sight as he could detach and fall down at any moment," an eyewitness said.

It was also reported that the parachute jumper was not hurt in the incident.

Photo: Maxim Stefanovich

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