Japanese Artist Hunts for Kisses

A free-lance Japanese artist organized an action dedicated to body art on the whole and to body particularly. The artist is pursuing the goal of receiving as many French kisses as possible from citizens of the Belgian city of Mechelen. A large festival called “Porno Around The World” is soon to be held in the quiet Belgian city. A documentary showing people the campaign organized by the artist Yoshi Suzuki will be demonstrated at the festival. Suzuki’s French kiss campaign will last for two more weeks. In order to avoid the problem of bad breath, Yoshi has toothpaste and a toothbrush in her handbag.

The Japanese girl was extremely surprised to see that Belgians always respond to her request and give her French kisses. She says: “Women and men, young and old respond to my request with pleasure and give me French kisses. I kiss them passionately, and they never put up resistance. This is the way how I share my love with people. Majority of national cultures treat the French kiss as appropriate for couples only, but my objective is to overcome this barrier. I kiss everyone who allows me to kiss, irrespective of the person’s age, sex, skin color, and sexual appeal.”

Yoshi was surprised to find out that Belgians are so passionate. She says that they kiss rather quickly: when an average French kiss lasts for a minute, Belgians successfully manage it in thirty seconds. It is interesting that all respondents of the Japanese kiss-lover were very kind, and nobody showed regret or any negative emotions. Gala.net

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