Bashkirian Airlines Seeks USD 15 Million Compensation for Tu-154 Crash in Germany

Bashkirian Airlines has placed a value of USD 15 million on its financial claim against the Swiss air-traffic control service Skyguide, according to Nikolai Odegov, the airline's managing director.

Odegov explained that the figure includes compensation for the loss of the company's newest plane, a Tu-154, in the accident on July 2, as well as for the loss of one of its best crews. It also includes compensation for lost income due to the disaster. Odegov also said that relatives of the twelve crew members are planning a separate action against the Swiss company. The financial loss to each family is valued at USD 50 thousand.

According to Odegov, a claim against Skyguide will be made regardless of the outcome of the official investigation into the air disaster. As a result of the crash on July 2 between the Tu-154 passenger plane and a Boeing-757 cargo plane, 71 people died. There were 69 passengers and crew on board the Tu-154 and two pilots on board the Boeing-757. The Tu-154 passengers included 52 children on their way to Barcelona for a holiday.

Bashkirian Airlines will be represented in Switzerland by the German law firm Giemulla & Associates. Lawyers believe the airline's chances of receiving compensation according to international agreements are 100%. If not, the airline reserves the right to defend its interests in court.

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