Monument to Alyonka, the face of Russian Death, will be dismantled

Monument to Russian Death to be dismantled

The administration of the town of Novovoronezh, the Voronezh region of Russia, has decided to dismantle the notorious monument to the woman named Alyonka. The monument, which was erected in a local park in honor of the 250th anniversary of the village of Novaya Alyonovka, where the city is located, will be dismantled because local residents found the new art object horrifying.

Deputy head of the town administration, Svetlana Tulinova, said that the "Alyonka" sculpture was not a monument, but an art object. The spokeswoman for the mayor's office said that it would be dismantled and kept in a warehouse. The art project, developed by an artist from Voronezh, cost about one million rubles, but no money was allocated from the budget for its implementation.

The monument to Alyonka was erected on December 18, 2020. It immediately caused mixed reactions among the general public.

Many harshly criticized the art object and called it "a monument to Russian Death." Others suggested that the appearance of the monument would make the town famous and attract tourists.

The monument is dedicated to the woman named Alyonka. Legend has it that the woman came to the Don from the town of Lebedyan. She found a good place to live by the stream and invited her fellow villagers to live there together. Alyonka was killed by Kudeyar the robber. "Since then, both the stream and the village are called Alyonovka," the message from the Novovoronezh library said. At present, Novovoronezh is located on the site of the village of Novaya Alyonovka.

There is nothing particularly remarkable in the very fact of the erection of the monument. There is no doubt that no one would pay any attention to such an event if it was not for the appearance of the woman that many found horrifying.

It is worth noting that earlier on Monday, December 21, the authorities of Novovoronezh said that the project of the monument had been agreed with the oldest residents of the town.

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