Russia mines extremely rare yellow-and-brown diamond

Russia mines extremely rare yellow diamond 130 million years old

A rich yellow-brown diamond weighing 236 carats was mined at the Ebelyakh deposit of Diamonds of Anabara, a daughter company of Russia's diamond-mining giant Alrosa.

This is the largest colored diamond that has ever been mined in Russia's history. The stone is  47x24x22 millimetres in size. The age of the gem, according to preliminary estimates, is from 120 to 230 million years.

Specialists say that this is an incredibly rare finding. The company is currently studying the stone and then it will decide whether the stone can be cut or not.

"This is the largest colored diamond ever mined in Russia. The diamond measures 47x24x22 mm. The age of the gemstone, according to preliminary estimates, is from 120 to 230 million years," the parent company said in a statement.

The Ebelyakh alluvial diamond deposit, located on the right tributary of the Anabar River of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), is known for its precious stones of rare colors. In the summer of 2017, three unique fancy diamonds were mined there at once - a bright yellow diamond, a pink and a purple-pink one. All the three stones were cut and presented as diamonds to the general public.

Russia's diamond-mining company Alrosa is one of the three largest diamond mining companies in the world. Its share in the world diamond production reaches 25 percent. Another six percent falls for Catoca of Angola, in which Alrosa holds 41 percent. In Russia, the company conducts production in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and in the Arkhangelsk region. The list of shareholders of the company includes the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Property Management Agency (33.02 percent), Yakutia - 25 percent, as well as its districts - 8 percent. Almost 34 percent of the shares are in free circulation.

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