Young Russians point to biggest losers in professional adult life

Young Russians name most shameful professions

According to "Employment market. Work in Russia" research service, most Russians believe that the most respectable profession today is doctor and volunteer.

Obviously, the choice of such professions is based on the coronavirus pandemic. The study was conducted among over 18,000 people in 21 regions of the Russian Federation.

The top list of most disrespectful and shameful (in the opinion of young Russians) professions has remained unchanged - it is headed by janitors, followed by taxi drivers, salesmen and security guards of private security companies.

Earlier, young people already answered sociologists, which professions of their parents they would consider most shameful. Forty-two of the polled said that they were no shameful professions at all. The rest were distributed among the above-mentioned salesmen, taxi drivers, housing and communal services employees, builders and factory workers.

Another curious poll dedicated to shameful and respectable professions was conducted on social media. More than 10,000 people took part in the poll to decide which profession they would consider "the main refuge for losers."

  • 41% expressed the opinion that the most unenviable profession is a security guard from a private security company.
  • 16% think that most losers go to work as taxi drivers.
  • 8% believe that the "profession of losers" is a janitor or worker of housing and communal services.
  • 1% named construction as such an area.
  • No one said that factory workers could be referred to "losers."
  • 5% said that they saw sales people as biggest losers in life.
  • 9% sympathized with those who chose to work as freight movers.
  • 28% said that none of the above professions could be considered disrespectful.
  • 7% think that all the above occupations could not be considered as worthy professions.

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