Hot Russian nurse signs into modelling business to be even hotter

Hot Russian nurse becomes a hot model

A nurse from the Tula region of Russia, who became famous after she appeared at work in a transparent protective suit worn over underwear, signed into an advertising campaign of the new collection of Zasport sportswear.

The nurse, 23-year-old Nadezhda Zhukova, posed in solid color suits, tops, leggings and T-shirts with the word 'Russia' printed on them. Some of the items are designed to match the colors of the Russian national flag: white, blue and red.

Nadezhda Zhukova also unveiled a few details behind the viral picture that made her famous and what difficulties she had to face at work in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

According to her, because of the outbreak of COVID-19, she was moved to the infectious diseases hospital, where she worked in shifts for a whole day, measuring patients' temperature and doing other routine procedures, such as injections, etc. The woman said that she was not afraid to become infected with coronavirus, because she is "just doing her job."

The woman also confessed that she was not ready for the attention of the public, which she received after a picture of her wearing a see-through protective suit over underwear went viral and attracted global attention.

"I would not pick up the phone to unknown numbers, I would not read the news - I would simply try to protect myself from all that," the nurse said adding that she wanted to thank all of her colleagues for their support in the scandal that sparked on social media because of the photo.

"They understand like no one else how hot it is to work in a protective suit in summer. It is like spending hours in a sauna, it becomes hard to breathe and walk," Zhukova said adding that on the infamous picture she was actually wearing a sports top and shorts."

In May, an unknown person posted a photograph of a nurse who was working while wearing a protective suit over a bikini swimsuit. The woman's colleagues explained that it was very hot to work in the suit, so the nurse decided not to wear clothes - she did not expect the suit to be so transparent. It was also said that no complaints were received from patients.

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