New fashion – dog advertising

While chief artists and designers argue about influence of outdoor advertising on the city image and architecture, loaders in the Russian city of Penza invented a new way of advertising goods.

As there is a sandwich man who wears billboards on the back and in front, the Russian loaders invented a so-called sandwich dog.

The man catch stray dogs, feed them and spray colored brand names on their skins. So, don’t be surprised when you see a dog with Dosya, Sony or LUKOIL names on the sides. Telephone numbers of the storehouses where such goods are available are usually sprayed over the dog bodies together with the brands. Vet experts say that such experiments on animals lie in the ethic sphere, not health care, and preferred not to interfere. However, this kind of advertising proved really very effective: dogs with the popular brand names and telephone numbers on their skins are running everywhere, and more and more clients come to the storehouses to buy the goods. Meanwhile, rivals dislike such unbelievable success of advertising on dogs. They try to catch dogs with the rival advertising on the side, wash it and color it in its own manner to promote its goods. Body art has already gained really great popularity all over the world, however, nobody could even suspect that it is also possible to color dog skins. Don’t you think it will be popular soon? And why only dogs? Aren’t cats better? Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

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