Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes President of Russia should be renamed with Russian wording

Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggests abolishing President of Russia

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the LDPR party, proposed to rename the post of President of Russia.

In an interview with URA.ru, Zhirinovsky said that the word 'president' is a borrowing from the English language.

"Children in England and the United States laugh at us as the Russians don't even have a Russian word to name the leading position,” he said.

According to Zhirinovsky, it would be ideal to call the head of state in Russia the supreme ruler.

He rejected the host's offer to think about such a title as the "czar."

"Monarchy is an ideal option, but it's already outdated, that's all,” the politician believes.

He also suggested returning the pre-revolutionary terminology to the sphere of administrative division of the country in order to get rid of loanwords and bureaucracy too.

Zhirinovsky proposes to call governors 'namestnik' (literally means 'man in place,' could be translated as viceregents). Therefore, regions of Russia would become governorships or vice-regencies ('namestnichestvo' - area ruled by man in place), which, in turn, would be divided into volosts and uezds (counties).

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