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Young Russian women fall in love with Kerch school shooter

A week has passed since the massacre in the polytechnic college in the city of Kerch. Dozens of  victims, fifty injured, an explosion, suicide of the dangerous criminal, grieving relatives - Russia still lives in shock after what happened in the Crimea. 

In social networks, however, the Kerch shooter has been gaining popularity. Youngsters create communities dedicated to Vladislav Roslyakov - the shooter, who arranged an explosion and mass shooting in his own college. In those communities, young girls talk about how handsome and masculine the shooter was. 

Pravda.Ru contacted psychotherapist Vladimir Fainzilberg in an effort to find out why young people admire those who commit grave crimes.  

"Usually, some people tend to glorify a criminal like him. It has always been the case: the worse the crime, the more fans it generates, especially among females. Young females always look for a young man of their life, a perfect man whom they picture in their imagination. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter at all whether this is a positive or negative character. Some people get attracted to those whom the society condemns. 

"Mass media and the Internet also contribute to the phenomenon. I think that one should not make  the description of the young man's life, his actions, behaviour and attitude public. I think that one should try to silence and forget such things. This would have been the most brutal punishment for the shooter - if no one had spoken about him."

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