Actor Dolph Lundgren says that he likes Putin for his toughness and strength

Dolph Lundgren: Russia is lucky to have cool president like Putin

The West believes that Russia, in particularly, President Putin, poses a global threat to the world. Such absurd views may lead to the emergence of a new image of Russian villains in Hollywood films.

According to Cafe, a Swedish publication, the policy of Putin may play into the hands of Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. In Emil Persson's Fördomspodden show, the actor spoke about prejudices about Russia and its leader.

When Lundgren heard a statement about the images of Russian villains in Hollywood, Lundgren replied that "Putin is a good Russian president." "Russia is lucky to have a president like him. If the country had someone weak as its leader, no one knows how everything would turn out for the country. The Russians have at least 5,000 nuclear warheads, and clearly, someone needs to keep an eye on the goddamned order. Putin has been good at it," Dolph Lundgren said.

The actor added that the United States always needs a villain from the outside, and the Russians are perfect for this role. The Americans used to have concerns about the Iranians, ISIL, even earlier - the eastern Germans, and now it is all the rage to fear the Russians. Lundgren recalled that he played Russian boxer Ivan Drago in the 80s, and now Hollywood is launching Creed 2 project with another "East vs. West" theme.

Lundgren explained why he appreciates Putin. "He is cool. Clearly, one has to get rid of someone at times, but I mean that the CIA also throws people under the bus, but, perhaps, they do it more accurately," the actor said.


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