Be Thrifty, Take Showers with Friends!

The administration of the tiny island of Lundy called upon the local population to take showers together with their friends for the sake of water conservation. The island is experiencing grand problems with water, as practically no rain has falling within the past two months. General manager of the Lundy Company Paul Roberts says that they are asking the people to take showers together with friends or relatives. At that, the manager adds that the population welcomed the appeal.

Last month, the rain fall level in the island made up 18 mm as compared with the average showing of 84 mm. Once, the island’s fresh water supply was sufficient for three days only. However, now, the Oldenberg ferry brings about 1,000 gallons of drinking water to the island from Davon, which is situated 12 miles to the north.

There are only 24 permanent residents on the island, but when more tourists and relatives arrive, the local population reaches 100 people. The island is really very small, as it is three miles long and half a mile wide.

To save fresh water, the residents invented another trick: they use sea water instead of fresh water for their toilets. The innovation saves about 50% of the daily water discharge, which makes up 4,000 gallons per day. Paul Roberts says the island’s water supply is replenished due to surface waters. The only thing the island currently needs is just a heavy shower.

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