Enrique Iglesias is Butt-Ugly in Comparison with Anna Kournikova!

Enrique Iglesias is jealous of his love, Anna Kournikova. He does not like Anna’s habit of passionately kissing her girlfriends, tennis partners, and even competitors on the lips.

The hot Russian tennis star Anna is not the first tennis player to like her own sex. Probably, it's fashionable these days. They say that Enrique is terribly afraid of Anna’s possible wish to give up on him. He has been really jealous of her lately.

However, it is he who gives Anna reasons to get jealous. He has recently been seen in a restaurant in the company of five pretty girls. He left the restaurant with those girls as well. He once even said that he does not like Anna being very jealous of him. It seems that Anna does not like Enrique’s jealousy either.

Yet, the people that are the most jealous are Anna and Enriques' numerous fans. Kournikova’s fans all hate Iglesias, and girls that are ready to die for Enrique’s kiss all hate Anna.

You can find these kind of messages on Kournikova fan sites: “The people from Iglesias sites are making fun of us! They wonder what he found so appealing about Kournikova. I have already posted a message on their site. I wrote that their dumbass Enrique is butt-ugly in comparison with Anna. I can not understand how come she is still together with him.”

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