Expert: Migrants change Europe. Point of no return passed

The Arabian starts driving European languages out.

Sweden does not officially keep recording of the languages, its residents speak. Mikael Parkvall, linguist at the Stockholm University, decided to find it out by himself what the situation is and which language is the most popular after the Swedish one.

Having analyzed statistics, and after having made a lot of research works, he concluded that the Arabian is the most second popular language in Sweden.

Sweden is not the only European country, where the Arabian became the second popular one. As Mikael Parkvall found out, the same situation is in Denmark. In France and the Netherlands the Arabian is on the 3rd place.

Karine Gevorgyan, a political scientist and Iranist, told Pravda.Ru how Europe would change after such an "arabization".

"Europe has already changed. The case is that there migrants who change the cities' landscape, while there are also those who don't change the landscapes. Thus, the Armenian refugees from Turkey did not the Europe's landscape when they appeared there. They fitted in. The Iranian immigration after the revolution in 1979 also integrated in the local flavour. And both of them act like that and maintain their own identity at the same time.

The Syrians, the Kurds are also not inclined to change the cities' landscapes and aim at integration.

But in small towns of France, Germany migrants build up a so-called parallel town. I tried to teach my friend's wife, a professor in France, to cook an Armenian chicken soup, but she said that a chicken can be bought in an Arabian quarter. The Frenchmen themselves go to these small shops, because it's cheaper there.

In France, they speak in French, but there are also various jargons, argo. And, in particular, a language that was made up by the Arabian teenagers that were born in France. It is called "verlan". These are the inverse French words, and there are also many arabisms in the language. Europe has already changed. Point of no return was passed," Karine Gevorgyan told Pravda.Ru.

Europe is getting older, the demography curve goes down. In Germany there are 5mln young people under age of 25 years. 2.5mln of them are boys. "Among them half a million has not yet determined their sex and sexual orientation, given existing propaganda and system of education. For the latest months 700,000 boys, who held arms in their hands, have arrived to Germany. So, here's the picture. A cultural pressure is taking place. After that there will be a cultural expansion," KARINE Gevorgyan forecasted.

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