Sports and Sex: Always Together, Never Apart

Men’s sports fashion is very boring these days: men’s sports outfits (shorts, basically) are becoming longer and longer. Sports shorts look like short trousers already. However, in the world of sports fashion, women are taking a different road. Women like to go naked, especially when it comes to the game of tennis.

Hot tennis stars are receiving more and more attention from paparazzi photographers. Wearing short tennis skirts is really good: you can get very good thong shots or even a nipple shot if you are lucky enough to catch the moment. Paparazzi photographers know this very well. A good photograph like that can earn them thousands of dollars. This is a good reason to run after sexy shots, crouching and hiding in every place imaginable. They are ready to spend hours and hours sitting in trees for the sake of merely one lucky second. A good shot will grace a tabloid the next day, having a headline like “Sexual Adventures of the Tennis Queen.”

The private lives of sports stars have already become a requisite attribute of their image. Who will Anna Kournikova prefer: hockey-players Sergey Fyodorov, Pavel Bure, or maybe, she will have a crush on Enrique Iglesias? Who did Martina Hingis sleep with last night? Who makes love with Monica Seles? What underwear do they wear? Who is the hottest one of them?

People want to gossip about it, and journalists give them “food for thought.” Advertising companies do not lag behind photographers, though. It was rumored that Anna Kournikova was paid a million dollars from a well-known sports firm. They shot her in a short ad, in which Kournikova posed aka Marilyn Monroe, standing on a subway vent with her dress blowing up.

Fantastic Argentine beauty girl Gabriela Sabatini was the star that made tennis a sex show. Crowds of people would go to see her playing the game. Needless to mention, it wasn't only about the game. Gabriela made thousands of men fall madly in love with her.

Sports and sex mix together nowadays, giving a lot of pleasure to millions of people all over the world. Elite prostitutes know this. They put on tennis clothes, and they speak the tennis language. A week at a tennis tournament brings them a lot of money. One night costs around $800. You can imagine how rich Anna Kournikova’s lookalikes might be.

The tennis throne was vacant for a certain period of time after Gabriela Sabatini left the world of tennis. However, the vacancy was grabbed by Anna Kournikova, who has her competitors as well too. All those low intrigues are definitely based on very good money. A popular sex queen has a much better chance to receive a profitable commercial contract than to win a tennis set. Anna is not famous for her victories in tennis. However, she always wins when it comes to good contracts with good companies. That is why she is believed to be the richest female tennis star in the world.

Eroticism can be seen in other sports now as well. Olympic gymnastics champion Svetlana Khorkina posed nude for Playboy. Fantastic figure skater Maria Butyrskaya proved that she could melt ice with her hot body. The media has turned many athletes into sex symbols, and millions desire them. Sports and sex go together, never apart.

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